The Kindness Tree
by Danny Gentry is a heartwarming tale set in a magical forest where seven special trees grow, each embodying virtues such as Love, Joy, Peace, and notably, Kindness.

This enchanting story follows the journey of a unique fruit from the Kindness Tree, which embarks on an adventure far from its home, ultimately crossing paths with a young boy named Joseph. Joseph's discovery of the fruit leads him on a transformative journey of self-discovery, compassion, and the true essence of kindness. As Joseph navigates the challenges and choices presented to him, he learns the powerful impact of acts of kindness and their ripple effects in the world.

With its lush descriptions, engaging narrative, and timeless message, The Kindness Tree offers readers of all ages a captivating exploration of the strength and beauty found in kindness. This book entertains and inspires, making it a perfect addition to any family's library, encouraging children and adults alike to spread kindness in their everyday lives.

About Dr. Gentry

Dr. Gentry, a passionate educator and author, brings more than three decades of diverse experience to the field of education. With a strong foundation in both teaching and administration, Dr. Gentry has cultivated a unique understanding of the challenges and opportunities within the K-12 environment. This wealth of knowledge has established Dr. Gentry as a sought-after leader and guide for schools and educators seeking to unlock their full potential.

Educational Journey

Dr. Gentry's commitment to education began with a B.S. in Biology from Stephen F. Austin State University, followed by a Master of Education in Educational Administration from Baylor University. The pursuit of excellence in leadership led him to complete an Ed.D. in Educational Leadership at Lamar University, solidifying a strong foundation for driving change and innovation within educational institutions.

A Life of Service

Throughout his 30+ year career, he has dedicated his expertise to various educational roles, including over 10 years as a classroom teacher and 20 years as a principal. This journey has seen him work across elementary, middle, and high schools, successfully navigating the diverse challenges presented by each level of education. Beyond the classroom, Dr. Gentry has been an active participant in professional associations and community organizations, further demonstrating a genuine passion for enriching the lives of students, educators, and families alike.

Expanding Impact

Recognizing the value of sharing knowledge and experience, Dr. Gentry has authored professional publications, children's books, and scholarly and popular articles, and presented at various conferences. As a published author, he has contributed to the broader educational conversation, inspiring both young and old alike.

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